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Integrity Plumbing Services Co Our Plumbers are on the Way


Integrity Plumbing Services Co. is a family owned business based in Central Indiana. Our owner is not only a licensed plumber with over 30 years experience, he's also a a licensed contractor for Indiana. Over the course of his career, he became unsettled with the way companies handled themselves. In an effort to to work for a company that shared the same values he grew up with: Integrity, honesty, and respect, he knew something had to change. To ensure he was part of a company that upheld these values, Integrity Plumbing Services Company was born. Upholding values, providing customer service unlike any other, and treating employees with respect, he created Integrity Plumbing Services Co. to be just that. 

The definition of INTEGRITY is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals. We hold ourselves accountable to stay true to this statement and our company values: Trust, Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration, Service, Innovation, and Gratitude every day. 

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